Adult Woodcarving ~ Baa Baa Wood Sheep

Having trouble sleeping? Carve the sheep of your dreams! The sheep’s head is carved from a separate piece of basswood, allowing the head to be set at any angle. That’s what helps to make this sheep so cute! He is 4” long from head to tail and 4” tall from his toes to his fluffy top. As an alternative to the whitish sheep, you can paint the sheep black...then you’d have Baa Baa Black Sheep...have you any wood...? Ha Ha! We will be using various carving tools such as u-gouges, v-tools, and detail knives. If you have your own carving tools, bring them. If not, Kathy will provide the tools needed during the class. This project is based on Don Worley’s design, Woodcarving Illustrated Issue #50. The registration deadline is January 18th. You can check out all of Kathy’s carvings at


January 23 ~ February 6
Betty Queen Center
9:00 a.m. until Noon
3 Classes
3 Minimum/10 Maximum

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